Torayfan® DR42 details

Single layer, Directional Tear Polypropylene Retort Sealant film, specifically designed to be the sealant layer of a retort pouch, while providing excellent Directional Tear properties. This film is best suited for applications that require exceptionally high seal strengths. This film is designed to be used in high-retort applications (under 135°C) and is available in either a Clear or a White version. The standard film design calls for corona treatment on one side, but custom treatment is available.

Key Features

•Passes all MRE all Specifications standards
•Exceptional Linear Tear Properties
•Exceptionally High Heat Seal Strength


  • Gusseted and Non Gusseted Pouches
  • Stand-up Pouch applications
  • For use in any Retort Lamination
  • Film/Board Lamination Sealant Web