Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.


For our customers: To provide new value to our customers through high-quality products and superior services.
For our employees: To provide our employees with opportunities for self-development in a challenging environment.
For our shareholders: To provide our shareholders with dependable and trustworthy management.
For society: To establish ties and develop mutual trust as a responsible corporate citizen.


Safety & Environment: Placing top priority of safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation, ensuring the safety and health of our employees, our customers and local communities, and actively promoting environmental preservation.

Ethics & Fairness: Obtaining the trust of society and meeting the expectations by acting fairly while maintaining high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility and maintaining transparency in management.

Customer-Focus: Providing customers with new values and solutions, and achieving sustainable growth together.

Innovation: Achieving continuous innovation in all corporate activities, and aiming for dynamic evolution and growth.

Fieldwork & Initiative: Strengthening fieldwork abilities and initiative, the foundations of our corporate activities, through consistently learning from one another and constant self-driven efforts.

Global Competitiveness: Pursuing competitiveness through global top quality standards and cost management, and achieving growth and expansion in the global marketplace.

Global Coalition: Develop global coalition through integrated internal linkages and strategic alliances with external parties.

Emphasis on Human Resources: Providing an environment where employees find value in their work, and building positive, energetic relationships between people and the organization.