Corporate Social Responsibility

Toray strongly believes that business and community should prosper together.

It is Toray's mission to act as a responsible corporate citizen to build a long lasting, beneficial partnership with the local communities in which they do business. Toray is dedicated to the socioeconomic development of the local states and counties that they operate in.

Toray is proud to contribute to area organizations. Toray employees are dedicated to giving back to their community. This spirit defines Toray's corporate citizenship and affirms our business value.

Toray Industires, Inc. President, CEO and COO Mr. Sadauki Sakakibara, presented American Red Cross and Warren County Schools administrators with Yoshino Cherry Trees as a symbol of thanks for the continued support of Toray activities and to commemorate our close ties in the past and the future goodwill between the county and Toray Industries, Inc.